Focallure Latex Free Sponge Beauty Blender


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High-density polyurethane makes the sponge grow 1.5x in size when damp and absorbs minimal product,as the key to well-blended, airbrushed looks.

Wine Red Calabash
Lucky Water Drop
One Cut Olive
Four Cut Mouse

Cloud-soft Touch,Puffy-Puff Skin-friendly Comfort
Super Bouncy,Rebound in 1s
Pore Size < 0.1 mm Waste Less = Save Coin(A damp sponge can retain water on the inside keeping your makeup on the outside.) Latex Free,Wet to Prep Grow 1.5x in Size Dual-use,Damp & Dry,Airbrushed Finish Versatile Cut Section,360°Fit Your Face NET WT 10g How to use Dual-use,Damp & Dry,Airbrushed Finish DRY USE —— Suitable for powder foundation, loose powder, blush, highlighter. DAMP USE —— Suitable for liquid foundation, prime conciliar. #Pro Tip #Airbrushed Face Soak Me Squeeze Me Keep Me Damp

Focallure Blender

Lucky Water Drop, Side Cut Olive, Wine Red Calabash

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