Huda beauty Full Concealer 10ml/034 Fl.Oz


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Huda Beauty The Overachiever concealer is a high coverage concealer with skin care extracts namely Green Tea, Rose of Jericho, and Silk Tree extract. It promises to provide complete, long- lasting coverage
The product comes with a cooling Zamac tip. The applicator tip is cool on its own most of the time and needs no further cooling; wouldn’t put this product in the fridge as I don’t want to mess up with the product.
Consistency of the product is like a moisturizer; the consistency is ideal for both facial and under eye use. Texture is a smooth, emollient cream and has a light perfume- like fragrance; the fragrance may put some off though, but I like it.
Granola is one of the most popular shades; I also find that it’s the perfect shade for medium to morena skin tones as well; it’s described by the website as a medium shade with neutral undertones; to me, it’s medium beige and has some yellow undertones to it, making it perfect for Asian skin tone and generally, any skin tone because Yellow is a universal base undertone.
huda beauty concealer

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