Ucanbe Athena Painting Palette


The colors included in the Athena Painting Palette are : Large sized Black and White, Purple, Navy blue, Berry Red, Dark Green and Lime, Mango and Bright Yellow, Bright Pink, Deep Blue and Lagoon Blue, Orange, Violet, Deep Reddish Brown and Light Brown, Gold,Teal, Cinnamon and Silver. Size :21×8.5×2 (cm) Net WT :168g/5.9oz Made In P.R.C Easy To Use 1. Clean your face with tissue or wipe first 2. Use clean painting brush or sponge apply the oil on your face. 4. Blend different colors painting oil with larger brush or sponge for more details,or you can use your fingers directly. 5. Wait a few seconds to let the first color to dry and apply the next. Easy To Remove Using makeup oil remover or olive oil to apply on face, wait few seconds and wipe it with cotton pads or paper towels. Wash off with facial cleanser and water.

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  • A Face Body Paint palette refilled 20 creamy intensive pigmented colors in a convenient and sturdy plastic case that applies easily with sponge or brush. It can be used on the face and body.
  • Tattoo Face Body Paint is made of high quality ingredients to be easy blended, comfortable on the skin while being vibrant. It remain flexible to resist cracking while drying quickly to a smudge-proof and durable finish but minimal rub-off.
  • 20 flash Aqua colors is suitable for creating many different looks. It included bossy gold and silver, pink,purple,red,yellow, blue,green,brown of all basic (plus extra black and white). It meet the needs of different occasions. The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects for artistic makeup or special effects coloring.
  • Non-toxic oil-based painting palette, the formula is moist, semi-soft, safe and gentle on skin. Richer color-saturated coverage than ordinary makeup, easy to wear and easy to wash off with olive oil or professional waterproof makeup remover.
  • Professional face paint for festivals, carnivals, birthday, campfire or theme parties, SFX makeup,stage performances, not to forget fun halloween and other occasions! Easily create crown, costume, bruise, blood, cosplay looks. Friendly materials are safe for both popular kid and adult.
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